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Putting It Together is a musical revue showcasing the songs of Stephen Sondheim (Sweeney Todd, Follies, A Funny Thing Happened...) Drawing its title from a song in Sunday in the Park with George, it celebrates Sondheim's incomparable career in musical theatre. We are excited to be readying this musical revue to be produced in May.  


(From the Guide to Musical Theatre) 

"A revue with a difference… A revue that tells a story… A show that covers one night and forty years… A show that takes place today and also in 200 B.C., 1853, 1882, 1900, the 1950s, the 1970s, the 1980s and tonight. 

A show that takes place not only in New York but also Greece and Rome and London and Paris and Milan and Sweden… A show that takes place in a Manhattan penthouse, but includes the stage of an abandoned theatre, an estate in Sweden, an island outside of Paris, a street off the Roman Forum, the woods of a fairy tale and a mythical town in the Southwest… All performed by a group of people thrown together at a party. 

Sondheim himself has devised this unique and inventive musical entertainment from his own work, which includes songs from every score he has ever written as well as some never heard before. His delight in devising unusual and entertaining crossword puzzles has here found an unexpected outlet in the way he has put together this extraordinary collection of brilliant songs into what has been described as the funniest show Sondheim never wrote… but now he has." 

With his passing last month, the press has been awash with tributes.  It seems fitting to honor him in this way from our own little corner of Vermont. After our success this fall with All Together Now, we have recognized that the musical revue format gives us some necessary flexibility in this time of Covid.  

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