About us

We the People Theatre was formed in 2017 as The 1776 Project. The company was conceived following the 2016 election during a very divisive time in our country and in our communities.  Founder, Perry Allison, wanted to be able to do something to bring people together in a positive and constructive way. The first production was the award-winning musical, 1776, which tells the story of our Founding Fathers and the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. This was the story of the compromises that were required in order to draft the Declaration which would serve to guide our democracy for many years to come. With a commitment to inspiring and encouraging conversations within the community, the production attracted sold-out houses for the entire run and invited "kids to come free".


After the enormous success of 1776, a group of theatre artists from the original team resolved to continue building the company with another production the following year. The company was re-named We the People Theatre.  In 2019, the company produced the musical, WORKING, based on the best-selling book by Studs Terkel. This play told the story of hard-working Americans from all walks of life- their triumphs and their struggles.  Once again, the community was invited to participate in talk-backs, to engage with an interactive display in the lobby and to celebrate the value of work in our lives.  


With generous support from funders,   corporate underwriters and patrons, We the People Theatre plans to continue their work.  Sadly our production of Man of La Mancha had to be cancelled due to Covid but we are very excited to be returning to the stage with All Together Now, a global celebration of local theatre.