Open Auditions

We are holding open auditions on January 29th at the Briggs Opera House.  We will be auditioning for our next show, Putting it Together, a Sondheim revue, which will go up in May. While the script is written for 5 actors, we anticipate casting 8-10 performers. In addition, we are looking to get to know actors who might be interested in working with us in subsequent productions.  We are considering several different shows and want to see what the talent pool is for each. 

Here are the details for the audition.  Each actor will be given a 10-minute slot.  We invite you to use your 10 minutes in any way that showcases your talent, be it two contrasting songs, a song and a monologue, or a special talent that we might be unaware of!  (Songs that tell a story and showcase your acting abilities are preferred).  If you have been in previous productions with We the People, we encourage you to show us something we haven’t seen before.   An accompanist will be provided.  

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