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We are inviting our audiences to reflect on their own “impossible dreams”.  Here are the conversations that are planned: 

Sunday, March 22- “Dreams for our Country" 

        Hope in Times of Political Turmoil     


This discussion will be led by Maynard Goldman, a long-time political participant on both sides of the aisle.  Maynard teaches a very popular course for OSHER- “The Greatest Show on Earth” about our election and will share some of his insights about our current political process and the upcoming election.  Surely we are all hoping for a president who has dreams for our country that we can all get behind


Sunday, March 29- “Dreams for our Region” 

Dreaming into Reality: Our deepest dreams help illuminate our own unique purpose and potential for contribution


We’ll hear from Maureen Burford, Founder and Director of Creative Lives and Gabe Zoerheide, Executive Director of Willing Hands. Both organizations are doing very important work to enhance the health and well-being in our region. They will have a conversation about serving a need in the community and galvanizing others to help address that need. 

Thursday, April 2- “Dreams for our Youth”

Inspiring our Youth to Follow Their Dreams


Man of La Mancha presents some important questions for young people. Can you be considered “crazy” and still have important ideals and goals?  What kinds of people do you choose to attach yourself to along the way? How does it feel when the people in your life see you as you really are? What does it take to pursue a dream?  This talk-back will be geared to families with teenagers. Two cast members who are educators will lead the discussion. Bill Hammond, former principal of the Marion Cross School and Drama Advisor to the Footlighters at Hanover High School and Darik Velez, a Physics and Astronomy teacher at St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH.


Sunday, April 5- “Dreams for White River Junction”

 The Birth of a Creative Economy


The transformation in White River Junction over the last several years has been truly stunning.  We’ll hear from some local people who have been instrumental in revitalizing our funky little town at the junction of two rivers and two states. 



On Saturday nights after the show, we invite our audience to linger in the lobby for food, a cash bar and a conversation about the show.  Meet and mingle with the cast and write your dreams on the wall. 


"Follow your dreams, they know the way"

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